Star-crossed lovers try to escape for a better life, only to find betrayal where they least expect it.

  Hollyshorts Film Festival (World Premiere, Los Angeles)
  NewFilmmakers Los Angeles
  Urbanworld Film Festival (East Coast Premiere, New York)
  Entijuanarte Festival Cultural (Mexico Premiere)
  Raindance Film Festival (London Premiere)
  LA Femme Film Festival

  Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival
  Film Market - Palm Springs International Shortfest

  Nancy Malone Directing Award: Janine Salinas Schoenberg

Storyline: Jenny is a young woman growing up in East LA. When she realizes that she is pregnant, her boyfriend Lalo devises a plan for them to leave Los Angeles and travel north. But there’s one big problem, they belong to rival gangs.

Status: Completed - AFI Directing Workshop for Women Showcase April 2014.

  LA Femme Film Festival (World Premiere, Los Angeles)
  Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
  Boston Latino International Film Festival (East Coast Premiere)

  HRIFF 2012 Emerging Actor Spotlight: Christine Marie Mantilla

Storyline: When Dulce is released from prison, she returns to Echo Park in search of a new beginning. Clean and sober for the first time, she must mend her relationship with her sister in hopes of regaining custody of her daughter Lola.

Status: Completed – October 2012 festival premiere.